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                            Gamma Cabinetry

Gamma Cabinetry is a family-owned and operated company. The grandfather George started working as a carpenter in 1953 in his home workshop. Originally, it was his hobby that became his occupation. He was making furniture for his house and when his friends and neighbors noticed the quality and craftsmanship of his work, they started ordering more and more furniture from him. His attention to details became family tradition and absolute level of family craftsmanship. 

Today Vlad and his father Viktor are currently working at Gamma Cabinetry as partners and influencers. Their strength is the belief that creativity is one of the major forces of future. That is why Vlad and Viktor regularly network with other leaders in the industry and visit many Trade Shows in search of the best materials, components and hardware to use in the current cabinet trends. The goal is to design and produce the most advanced product that will serve families for decades.

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Gamma Cabinetry

Address : 1554 Juliesse Ave Suite F, Sacramento‎, CA‎ 95815, USA
Phone: 916-312-4015

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